Engage, excite and inspire your students with a stimulating learning environment

We believe learning does not happen in a vacuum and thus the three step guide followed for learning involves engaging the students with hands on experience, which excites them and further inspires them to create a learning environment that’s fun filled and meaningful.

Take a look at our active learning, flipped classroom approach with a difference.

Our Concept

  • Fundamentally, we have been majorly exposed to text-based learning, all our lives. Verbose content, whether in speech or print, dominates any kind of learning which is easier to help the mind reach a saturation point beyond which no creativity can blossom. One can argue that the primary focus of technology has been on upgrading the delivery of content rather than transforming of content itself. Instructors trying hard to take their point across to the learners are a common sight.

  • Make learning material more visual in nature. Visual learning coupled with active learning methodologies can transform the learning experience; catapult a learner’s effectiveness and accelerate an instructor’s efficiency. This simple looking change from text to visuals is a very fundamental one. Imagine a learning environment where your audience is spellbound, as if watching their favourite movie.

  • Visually designed learning material captures audience’s attention span, engages their minds with reason and logic. When the learners are engaged, when they are active, that’s when real learning takes place! Active learning methodologies using visual learning as foundation, can assist in individual excellence, peer learning, improved instructor – learner relationship, collaborative and creative learning culture etc. It is easier to learn and retain when we see something than to only hear and remember. Images elucidate content, facilitate retention and make learning pure pleasure.

  • The benefits from visual and active learning are not just intuitive; they are proven scientific facts. Scholars have performed profound research on the subject of learning methodologies. Research has revealed that while text is processed in short-term human memory, visuals are processed next to brain’s emotions centre and gets itched into the long-term memory. Both assimilation and retention from visuals is better than pure text. Symbols and images have been natural mode of human expression and predate much before the advent of language and grammar. It has been proven that active learning methods are far effective than traditional stand and deliver form of teaching. The students’ engagement, retention, assimilation, application, creative outcomes, get a statistically significant boost.

Who can benefit ?

Education Providers
Learn, Unlearn, Re-learn

Schools, colleges, universities and e-schools are all committed to offering high-quality education to students. In a time where learners hold limited attention span; it is the onus of the educators to re-invent the process of learning by making it exciting and compelling for contemporary learners.

We, at Visual Designers, provide you with end-to-end modern active learning approach – a pedagogical transformation that makes learning an enriching experience.

Making Training Fun

Corporate trainings are the ultimate way to upgrade the skills and knowledge of employees, which eventually translate into success of your business. It is imperative that each of your teammates understands the importance and purpose of every task being performed.

We at Visual Designers, have several visual design tools that enliven structured delivery, long product and process trainings as well as monotonous webinar content.

Subject matter experts
Stand Out and Above

Nothing sells better than a good brand image and a well-planned strategy. An online course can be a great way to establish personal brand and connect with your community. But lets face it, there is a deluge of online course providers, who are developing learning material on just about every subject, be it niche or mass.

Our visually designed courses and webinar series can help you capture the mind share of your audience, projecting you as the subject authority and above all, better assist them in extracting value from your knowledge.

Years of experience in active learning programs8+
Lectures and training
Hours of learning material
Students and professionals benefited8500+

What they say

  • "It’s rare that you come across a standout talent like the Visual Designers team. Their well-researched, innovative concept of using visuals for learning immediately captures the mind share and you intuitively know it will work with your audience. Their efforts have been a centre-piece of our successful transformation."

    Rajat Sharma
  • "With so many service providers out there, Visual Designers bring in a unique combination of skills, customer focus and ethical work culture. They have now become my personal friends and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services to anyone looking to create stellar education or training material."

    Manaswini Pandey
    GCP COE Head, TCS
  • "Having heard so much about active learning and viewing a deluge of social media content, we knew it would be game changer. However, we were so confused with its implementation. Vinay and his team at Visual Designers came in like angels. They gelled well with our team of subject matter experts and their pleasant personality made it a pleasure to work with them. They are our trusted partners for all our learning needs."

    Sanjay Mohta
    Vice President – Global Sales, Jubliant
  • "It is difficult to describe how good Vinay and his team are at what they do.I am simply blown away by the quality of the work and speed at which that deliver. The team took a 1 hour video interview and constructed a well thought-out, thorough training presentation. The work captured all key aspects of the learning material in a neat and well structured package. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for curriculum development in the entrepreneurial space.

    Jurgen Van Pletsen
    Perth, Australia (via Elance)
  • "The team were proactive, determined and highly professional in completing our job. When amendments or changes were required, the team tackled them without complaint and were clearly committed to achieving the outcomes to the required standards. I've hired them again and would recommend others to do the same.”

    Omar De Silva
    Ducere Global Business School (Australia)
  • "As always, very professional and diligent approach to work resulting in a high standard of output. Will be, and am, using again. ”

    Tim Austin
    V Learning (Australia)

What they say

Hear from the experts themselves

Watch the likes of Prof. Shigeru Miyagawa (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Prof. Alex Escobar (Emory University), Dr. Lodge McCammon (Rutgers University), Prof. Joanna Millunchick and Prof. Dan Klionsky (University of Michigan) discuss their approaches, experiments, results, student reaction and experiences with flipped classroom at our YouTube channel. We acknowledge the creators, speakers, distinguished personalities and their respective institutions for their valuable thoughts on the subject.

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