Flipped Classroom

The Flipped classroom with a difference

Flipped Classroom – Advance your teaching, engage your learners.

Flipped Classroom is a revolutionary educational model that has upgraded Teacher Aided learning like never before. It reverses the conventional classroom teaching format, where most “in class” instructions become homework giving the teacher an opportunity to use classroom time for discussions, clearing doubts and collaborative activities that heighten the learning experience. Flipped Classroom is learning par excellence where the teacher acts like a catalyst facilitating self- learning and developing the habit of enquiry and application among students.

We believe each learner is unique and has his own pace and potential. Flipped Classrooms recognizes this differential learning ability in students and creates a stimulating experience for holistic conceptual understanding that students can experience over and over again. The result - an exponential escalation in learning!


Without a doubt, Flipped Classroom is a win-win model for educators as it provides a one-time effort of creating material that can be used for times to come. It saves the effort of basic concept teaching and presents the instructor an opportunity to make class time interactive and challenging. For students it presents the ability to have a visually stimulating course material in advance and capitalize on pro-active learning opportunities. Flipped Classroom is the most invigorating active learning experience tool available today. Dig in the Flipped Classroom module and quench your thirst for experiential learning! Dig in to know more about Flipped Classrooms..

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Now we understand how Flipped Classrooms are upgrading the learning environment through the three Big I's - Interactive, Involvement and Interest. It makes learning a joyous experience for both teachers and students who support and engage each other in sustainable learning and make classroom a hub for participation, receptive activities and a hot-spot of innovation.

But we don’t limit this to the classroom alone, we scale up too!

At Visual Designers, we are specialists in designing flipped classrooms for our clients.This allows them to implement more active learning methodologies, as it frees up class-time. This enables peer learning and facilitates more focus on application of concepts.

We have upgraded a teacher-centric group learning space of a classroom session into a dynamic, interactive and individual learning environment where the role of the educator transforms from being a teacher to a mentor who guides students to apply concepts, think out-of-the-box and engage creatively in the subject matter.

We believe that learning is of no value till it is applied. In the traditional system, be it academics or corporate trainings, the emphasis is more on imparting knowledge than applying it. Teachers and trainers divert all their energies into teaching and information sharing. Yet, from the learner’s perspective, who is overwhelmed by the information overload, such methodology of knowledge is a massive roadblock to learning and failure of the system.

Flipped Classroom
Flipped Classroom

We, through a host of visual design tools offer world class Flipped Classroom solutions that are dynamic and flexible, ‘application of knowledge’ – centric and relevant for the modern learner. We have been a part of several success stories where our visual design strategies have aided the smooth transition of flipped classroom; resulting in a joyful experience for both the educator and the learner.