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Learn, Unlearn, Re-learn

With the changing student cohort, the onus is on educators to re-invent the process of learning by making it exciting and compelling for contemporary learners.

We, at Visual Designers have the perfect tool for you! Our visual design strategies customize your course material and teaching sensibilities to satiate the need of a heterogeneous student body in the simplest, most effective and engaging approach.

We offer end-to-end solutions in ideating, formulating and implementing tools of active learning / blended learning pedagogies that see an evolution of visual literacy among students.


Onboarding all students in the learning process


Science has proved active learning is far superior to traditional models, and what is more engaging than supplementing it through visual design?

Moreover, the teacher community also love the idea of visual teaching backed with visual stimulation accompanied by active learning strategies. This has aided educators to reach out to the whole student body and customize classes acknowledging students’ varied learning ability, intelligence and pace.

In traditional lecture styled classes teachers develop course material that addresses to the need of the ordinary or average intelligence group, making it boring for the above average intelligent group or challenging for the below average intelligence group. With visual and active learning strategies teachers can effectively cater to the needs of every type of student resulting in highly responsive classroom sessions.

Our visual learning theory is based on four key elements - Full-spectrum visual learning, Active and performance-based learning, Dynamic translation, and a Multidisciplinary approach. We produce a visual language that enhances reading and writing skills through a holistic combination of interesting, interactive mediums of learning that paves a way for creativity and at the same time boosts your confidence and retention.

Yes! Visuals are the way! And we can take you there!

Making Training Fun

It is a mandate to create a not-so-mechanical workforce. There should be a team that is active and trained to meet the modern corporate demands.

“To win the market place we must first win the work place”

Corporate trainings are the ultimate way to upgrade the skills and knowledge of employees, which eventually translate into your success of your business.


Corporate Training

The better you train, the more you gain.

It is no secret that a set of skilled employees in your organization will always provide you with a competitive advantage in the market. Hence, the onus to upgrade their abilities falls on the management through effective learning at workplace.

Learning at workplace – Myth or Reality?

Art Kohn, in his work Brain Science: The Forgetting Curve, stated some interesting employee retention facts of trainings held at the workplace. He found that:

Within 01 hour    - Participants forget 50% of the information
After 24 hours   - Participants forget 70% of the information
After a Week       - Participants forget 90% of the information

So, how effective and relevant are corporate trainings really?

So where is the gap…? Lets analyze it

In busy times and tight work schedules, monologue trainings that last for hours are a sheer waste of resources serving no purpose of learning. With over-working minds and high pressure of performance, employees look forward to robust training sessions that are crisp, visually stimulating and participative in nature.

We, at Visual Designers create content that resonate with real-time problems, offer practical and innovative solutions, build belief and pride in the company and give trainees the right boost in self-confidence and skills. Moreover, our learner-centric approach helps learning to take place at its own speed and time enhancing retention and cognition among the trainees.

Our visual learning material is built on high quality research of human psychology, emotions, practical application and reusability, ensuring effective and measurable results among company employees.

Research proves that visual learners engage in actionable insights and are quicker at decision-making. They can digest information and apply it in their daily workflow to improve performance efficiency. Companies that embrace visual learning accelerate employee take away, and pave way for a creative flourish in the workplace that goads businesses ahead of the competition.

Now, the ball is in your court? Do you want to over-burden your employees and watch them fail or empower them with the right support and watch your business flourish! ABC is the wave of change that you need!

Subject matter experts

Stand Out and Above

Use an online course to establish personal brand and connect with your community. Our visual strategies will give you an edge of being unique, being different and above all, being you! Besides, it will portray your expertise on the subject in an engaging and stimulating environment that will guarantee your desired response.


The new trend – Online Courses / Webinar Series


Whether you’re an author, creative writer, niche skill holder or an experienced professional, you need to build a strong connect with your audience. In this tech-savvy era, online courses have become trendsetters to share knowledge and expertise with a global audience. It has also developed into a great avenue for networking and earning! Yet, thousands of professional aspirants struggle each day to make a name for themselves in the online space owing to negligible entry barriers.

So, how do you differentiate your skills and knowledge from the others that are offering a similar course? How can you hold the viewer’s attention and compel him to continue following you?

Visual Designers know how! Our scientifically proven visual designs will give you that competitive edge to excel in the digital space and be a leader in your trade. We help you to transform your technical notes into an easy-to-assimilate visual format making it simple for your audience to believe that you are undisputable expert they need.

We bring to you a new wave of e-learning, devoid of too much text and more of visuals literally making learning a visual treat!