Who We Are

Pack of Innovative individuals who have the knack for providing Visual Learning Strategies

We are the game changers! Transforming the face of learning through visually designed flipped classrooms.

Knowledge is an undoubted road to success! Today, technology has transformed the way we lead our lives. The rules of learning are rapidly changing with the advent of the likes of YouTube videos, thematic presentations and audio-visual sensory tools. While such changes are being accepted in kindergarten schools, higher level classes still continue with traditional structured teaching- learning formats. Why not engage grown-up learners also to a new and more effective methodology? Afterall, visual learning has heightened application with increased audience cognition and subject matter complexity.

Our research backed visually design flipped classroom tools blend into any learning situation, paving way for highly inspired learners who use their minds for creativity and innovation as against mugging and cramming.


Learn, Un-learn and Re-learn are the three phases that leads to evolution in the professional era. We talk of active learning, one that constantly pushes you to be better and transforms the content to be delivered. This transformation of learning environment requires a series of actionable steps. Name it, and we have it: strategies, systems and development expertise, with proven results, that can transcend boundaries and reach out to international audiences!

Our Mission

Striking a chord between informative and interesting!

Students should enjoy learning and not view it as burden.

Upgrade the role of a teacher from a person who simply imparts information, to a facilitator who guides students with learning avenues and empowers them to apply information into meaningful knowledge.

The Spark - Our Story

So how was this idea conceived?

Who would’ve thought that a casual meeting with friends would snowball into path-breaking innovation!?

The Triggering Thought

Banter between friends one evening took a trip down memory lane where everyone started to talk about their favourite movies. The discussion was rather animated, full of minute details and word-to-word dialogues as if they were reliving the whole movie together scene by scene. It’s here when someone commented on the fact that if movies were a part of the school syllabus then all students would ace the test and everyone cheered and agreed in tandem.


This powerful thought remained with the founders, much after the evening had ended and started their quest for an engaging and interactive system of education and learning. One item lead to another and different pieces of the jigsaw puzzle started to come together. Self-research was enriched with continuing experience and guidance from partners, stakeholders and customers across Australia & New Zealand.

The central theme

The triggering point that moving images, music and sound in a movie evoked powerful emotions in the human mind creating lasting impressions in the memory helped them to start their journey of bringing boring education course material to life with the help of audio-visual designs and scientific tools that made learning as exciting and fun as watching a movie.

This saw the birth of Visual Designers!
Our Team

Vinay Dalal

Founder & Chief Executive

The Brain behind it All
Vinay, the Techie with a creative mind, is the stalwart who conceived the idea of making educational aids interactive, stimulating and interesting. He has to his credit, over a decade of experience spanning across business consulting, education innovation and technology. The idea of connecting the dots between the experiences he has had in these areas and making it available at the click of a finger gave way to this visual innovation. Today, he is the spark behind Team Visual Designers who, single-mindedly, is treading on the road to innovation.

Dr. Dimple Dalal

Head of Creative Operations

Dr. Dimple heads all production activities and brings imagination to on screen reality. She is an experienced homeopath and life-sciences expert. Her background in human psychology helps her add value to the technical design, visualisation and subject matter content preparation. Her vast knowledge and experience in technical matters assists clients and students in preparation of academic content, journal publications, articles, book edits, etc.


Team Visual Designers comprises of young, dynamic and smart professionals strewn across different cities in India and Australia. This includes subject matter experts, writers, graphics and media production professionals. They are the true wind beneath our wings.

Our Roots

Visual Designers owes its existence to Dalal Engineering Services, a consulting entity established in 1972 in India. Since inception, Dalal Engineering has been a name synonymous with trust, honesty and professionalism. This was the period when industrialization was in its nascent stages in India, and all our efforts were directed towards setting up large manufacturing units, use of technology and generating employment.


Late Sh. Vinodbhai N. Dalal

Our founder: Late Sh. Vinodbhai N. Dalal was a scholar, genius and visionary in its true sense. He was a pioneer in application of modern technology in process engineering. His work in industry as well as society touched thousands. His ideology and supreme work ethics shall continue to be our guiding light both in professional and personal lives, today and always!

Sh. Pramodbhai V. Dalal

Our Chief Mentor: Sh. Pramodbhai V. Dalal is an industry veteran and dynamic personality having over 4 decades of industry experience in the field of Sales, Marketing and Business Consulting. His strong willpower and administrative capabilities continues to be one of the foundations pillars of our existence. He is our chief mentor.


Visual Designers inherits its DNA from Dalal Engineering Services.

Learn more at www.dalalenggservices.in